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Παρουσίαση της Αττικής Κουζίνας της Περιφέρειας Αττικής από το Επίτιμο Μέλος της Λέσχης Αρχιμαγείρων Αττικής Ακρόπολις κα Μαρία Ζησούλη, στην Διεθνή Έκθεση ADIFE στο ABU DHABI στο ξενοδοχείο Radisson Blue Deira Hotel, Dubai Η.Α.Ε.

Speech Radisson Blue Deira Hotel, Dubai

Region of Attika
6 December 2022

Hello I am Maria Zisouli, I am Marketer and I am here as honorary member of chefs
club “Acropolis”. The chefs of Acropolis club prepared 5 traditional recipes for this
event and you can find it by scanning the URL code on the page at your table.
Gastronomy is the art of preparation and serving of food.
The gastronomic identity and gastronomic customs are some of the main
characteristics of a region and Attika is one of the many examples.
Since ancient times Attika’s gastronomy includes 5 basic ingredients, and their
flavors are infused with aromatic herbs of Attika such as thyme, rosemary, oregano,
mountain tea and many more others of Attika land. Also Attika’s gastronomy infused
with seasonings that are imported from abroad.
Our chef’s recipes include all these basic ingredients, and let’s take a look at the
recipes and products history.
First of all be the olive oil. The olive tree is associated with the Attika region since
Goddess Athena planted in Acropolis the first olive tree, according to the Greek
From this tree the sacred olive grove of Athens was created turned green all Attika
Olive oil is the number one ingredient of Attika’s diet and is included in almost all
dishes as well as the cookies that we have brought here. Of course included in all
recipes that the chefs prepared for today.
Grains such as wheat and barley are also basic ingredients as we use these to make
bread witch always is included in Attika’s breakfast and meals. Also pita for Greek
souvlaki and many other dishes making from grains.
Furthermore, cookies, traditional desserts many pastries are made of grain. In
ancient times to the Olympic athletes were given a famous dessert named
“placenta”, which is alike today’s cheesecake and very close to dessert
The delicacy was made of cheese mixed with flour water and honey which then
served in molds that used for cheese and stored in ice to keep it cool.
The dessert galaktoboureko of chef’s recipe is prepared with corresponding
ingredients and it’s quite close to the ancient flavor.
The meat from small animals is another basic ingredient of Attika’s diet, which was
also an essential part of the religious life of ancient Greeks.

More specifically all offal and fats were burned to fire, this being called “the share of
the Gods” and the lean meat was roasted.
Lambs, goats and poultry being in the ancient diet and remain still today in the
region of Attika and it’s islands.
Chefs of Acropolis club present today, roasted chicken souvlaki and dolmadakia from
lamb’s meat. These two traditional recipes are very popular in Attika region.
Milk and dairy products have a significant spot in Attika’s gastronomy and are
referenced back to Ancient Attika.
Milk was renowned as a sacred food, as Zeus was drinking the milk of the sacred
goat Amalthia, according to Greek mythology.
Also in ancient Attika, they created many different types of cheeses which made of
lamb or goat milk. They also were mixing cheese with other ingredients such as
honey. Today in Attica, many types of cheese are produced, the most important of
which is feta. Yurt is also produced, which is often mixed with fruit, jam or honey
In proposal recipe, the famous Attica feta as cheese mousse is an accompanied to
the meat on the chicken souvlaki.
Finally, the fifth basic ingredient of Attika’s gastronomy comes from the sea as Attika
and its islands are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.
All seafood has been added to Attika’s gastronomy menu since ancient times. Small
and larger fish, octopus and cuttlefish are some of the -favorite flavors as main
dishes or hors-d’oeuvres.
In Attika the tastes and smells of the sea are combined with herbs, fruits spreads and
chutneys in traditional recipes. One of them is of course the Athenian fish salad.
In conclusion, I recommend you make our chef’s recipes using products originating
from Attika region that our producers bring to your market. I guarantee you will be
amazed by the variety of flavors and aromas.
Thank you.